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In the quest of searching for an effective Natural Heart Health Enhancer, we were given this remedy by a Naturopathy friend. At first we were sceptical to try out this remedy. However, after going through many testimonies from people around the world who have been taking this same remedy, and after consulting and validating with herb experts, we finally came up with an optimized recipe which is the original version. After taking Nutrihealths for three months, we have seen significant improvements in our Lipid profile and general health.

Soon we begin distributing to family members and close friends. As the number of people interested in our product increased, NUTRIHEALTHS, was formed in June 2014 and ever since, the demand for our product has been growing at a steady state. Inline with our expansion program that includes introducing more nutritional health products, NUTRIHEALTHS ASIA SDN. BHD., was formed in July 2015. To spur the growth and cater for increasing demands both in Domestic and International markets, NUTRIHEALTHS MARKETING PTE. LTD. SINGAPORE. and NUTRIHEALTHS MARKETING PTE. LTD. INDIA were formed in 2016. Plans are underway to open up Marketing offices in other Asian countries.

We take every care to ensure Nutrihealths reach you at the highest quality and provide all the nutrients for a healthy heart and bring other health benefits as outline in our product packaging. All the health benefits stated are based on testimonies from our customers. We also strongly believe Nutrihealths will bring a change to your overall health.  


To be a Leading Natural Healthcare Product Provider


To Bring Nature Into Everyone