Frequently Asked Questions B.Melayu

A : Yes, NUTRIHEALTHS ASIA SDN. BHD. is registered and also awarded with MeSTI certification (78/K/000229-102015) from KKM.
A: Yes, NUTRIHEALTHS products are HALAL certified by JAKIM. The certification Reference Number is (1 064-09/2015).
A : Based on product information supplied to BPFK which stated the ingredients and formula (ingredients composition) used to produce the product, Nutrihealths is accredited as a "NON Drug" product and it is a "FOOD BASED" product (more towards a Food Supplement). As such Nutrihealths product does not need to be registered with BPFK.
A: Yes, NUTRIHEALTHS ASIA SDN. BHD. is registered with ROC.
A: Recommended to take 15ml before breakfast. You can also take additional 15ml before sleep.
A: Retail price for all Nutrihealths products are fixed at affordable consumer price. Price may varies depending on the countries they are being sold
A: The standard table spoon does not represents 15ml, thus it is advisable to use the measurement cup that’s being supplied together with the juice for accurate dosage.
A: All are natural ingredients such as ginger, garlic, lemon, honey and apple cider vinegar. This is also highlighted in the label. No preservatives, additives and coloring are used to make this juice. All ingredients are of High Quality standard. We maintain total Quality Control of the ingredients as well as the manufacturing process.
A: You can buy our products in almost all Cash & Carry, pharmacies, hypermarkets, as well as chain Restaurants. The outlets that have our product are available in our website at You can also call us and we will direct you to our dealers or shops that carries our products.
A: You can write to us at and we will consider your application.
A: Product life is labeled on the bottle. All Nutrihealths product goes thru a slow heat process (Pasturization) to increase safety for the consumer by destroying microorganisms that may be present in the juice, thus delivering the product with the highest nutritients value for maximum health benefit . The pasturization process will increase keeping the quality of our products, thus extending the shelf life of it. As per FDA requirement, our product have PASS the Microbiological, Physical and Heavy Metal test and have been certified by an Accredited Laboratary. In line with our commitment in keeping our product natural we do not use any preservatives apart from lemon and apple cider vinegar which acts as Natural Preservatives.
A: It's recommended that you keep the juice in fridge after opening. Unopened juice bottle can be stored outside at room temperature. Please do not store bottle under direct sunlight or places which is above 30°C
A: The slight variation in color & strength is NORMAL as it depends the time of harvest of the natural ingredients. This however does not compromise the quality of the juice produce.
A: Emulsion separation is what you see like “water / apple cider vinegar” on top and other substance subsided below the bottle. As we mention earlier we do not use any artificial preservatives or any food stabilizer. The present of this emulsion separation is Normal. Consumer are adviced to shake the bottle before consuming.
A: We at Nutrihealths use advanced and special extraction techniques to extract maximum nutritients from the raw ingredients like ginger, garlic and lemon. We emphasis on getting maximum nutritients from each ingredients. Leaving behind more fiber or making the concoction thicker does not bring any health benefits.
A: All can consume our juice irrespective of age group.